How to get Torpor SAC at Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise bursts at the seams from content due to the expansion of Sunbreak. This means new monsters, maps, hunting and equipment for creation. But in order to finance all this, hunters will need a lot of Zenny. But how to get a huge condition? Well, farm items such as Torpor SAC help help.

Где найти Torpor Sac для побочного квеста Chevalier’s Sleepy Solution в MHR Sunbreak

Torpor SAC is in several different places. The first is the cutting of the body Great Baggi in Hunting for the Masters of the rank . This is a 32% chance to get Torpor SAC quite early. Otherwise, gluttons in punishment can hunt mr version of the Narva of the Vesmelniy for the goods too. With the victory over it with a probability of 30%, Torpor SAC will fall, and having broken her head, the probability of falling out will be 20%.

The hunter, most likely, will faced the need for an object after a conversation with the village Chevalier in Elgado after performing an urgent quest M1 Blockade of Tetranadons. Hunters will need to purchase one Torpor SAC and one Great Baggi Thickhide. For the execution of the quest you will receive Mr Dual Blades Stealth Dango Supreme. In addition, the Torpor SAC is sold for hefty 2600z, which can make financing of updates, craft and other expenses a little more tolerant.

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