Stardew Valley New Apde is under development. Slow life still continues

Developer Concernedape stated on June 24 that it is under development of a new version of Stardew Valley . This work, which has been loved for a long time, seems to be updated.

Stardew Valley is a ranch management simulation game. The PC was released in February 2016, and later developed for PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/Mobile. Players are free to spend their time doing their favorite things in this work, but also schedule them and stand on the farm. In addition to interacting with people in the town, it is a work that has a variety of content that can enjoy adventures and RPG elements. Such gameplay has gained popularity, and sales have continued to grow to the present. This year, 20 million sales were revealed (related article). It is a work that will continue to be loved even more than six years after its release.


According to the developer Concernedape, this work is still updated. The Studio official Twitter account has revealed in a form to answer questions from fans. According to the tweet, the version is developing a new version of 1.6, and it will be an update to further strengthen MOD support. However, it is said that not only MOD cooperation enhancement but also new content will be added. It is said that it is not known at the moment whether we will continue to make a large update. In any case, it would be good news for fans just to be able to update this work.

CONCERNEDAPE also reveals the new work Haunted Chocolatier under development. The work seems to be a connection with Stardew Valley. However, he wants to finish it as a work with an independent identity, so he is still considering how to connect both works. I would like to pay attention to this development together with the new update of Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is being distributed for PC/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/Mobile. The PS4 version, which was once sold in Japan, is now impossible to purchase new from Japan.

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