Level Infinite, White Night Kwang Heavens Gardens Slow Life Update

Level Infinite announced on the 24th that it will hold a limited time ‘Heavenly’s Garden’ slow life at the RPG ‘White Night Kwang’, a new concept strategic chain that is developed and serviced by Tourdogstudio.


‘Heavens Garden’s Slow Life’ is a limited time event until July 11, and is divided into ‘afternoon refreshments’ and ‘relaxed chat’.

In particular, if you first clear the afternoon refreshment, you can obtain ‘Andersen Foundation’, and you can exchange them with various items such as the 5-star Aurori Antidelity Selection Box at the event store.

In addition, if you complete the mission of all event stages, you will be rewarded with 2000 Lumamber and special convenience star markers, and you can play the new Aurorian Nina and Sanae on the Aurorian Experience Stage.

In addition, until July 14, the company opened a limited number of swords and threads, raising the probability of emerging the six-star Aurorian Nina and the 5-star Aurorian Sana.

In addition, the Catastrophy triple reward event will be held and can be challenged to the new Catastrophy new boss, Baryil by June 30th.

In addition, in commemoration of this event, items such as mysterious accelerators, promoting pheromones, square tiles, and rock tiles will be paid, and users will be prism and carriers every day until the 27th.

In addition, even if you access the game, you will present Andersen Sanghoe, Lumamber, Charging Box, Nightium, and Limited Avatar ‘Nina’s Revolutionary Sashimi’.

In addition, the six-star Aurorian Fleur and Rafael’s new costumes ▲ Mind’s party, and I can buy the maid field at a discount until July 14.

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