The official Bloopes of Dr. Strange in the Multivrse of Madness

The first Marvel movie of the year was a success, dr. Strang in the multiverse of Madness , being a project that mixes almost all genres, these range from terror to simple comedy. In relation to the latter, the Bloopes linked to the tape has just released, which are possibly included in the Blu-ray versions.

In them we can see the different actors make simple mistakes before the camera, but the most curious thing is that some shots do not leave due to the issues of the bad place of the set. In addition, we can see himself Benedict Cumberbatch Taking a few dance steps, this while he prepares to record a scene from the streets of New York .

Here you can see them:

This is what you can find in the Blu-ray edition of dr. Stranger in the Multivrse of Madness:


Method to the Madness : Unique several members of the Marvel team and employees in interviews while talking about their love for Sam Raimi and all the details of Doctor Strange in the Multivarse of Madness that make him the fifth-signs of Raimi.

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Pata Meatures (Bloop)

Gag Reel : Check out some of the discarded shots fun in the set with the cast and the team of Doctor Strange in the Multivarse of Madness.

Deleted scenes

Audio comment : See the film with comments by Sam Raimi, Richie Palmer and Michael Waldron.

Remember that the film opens on June 22 in Disney Plus .

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