Released Redout 2 sequel to an anti -growing race of over 1,000 km / h! Lets run on 51 electronic songs

SABER INTERACTIVE has launched a new trailer, launching the anti-growing racing game sequel to 34BigThings, Redout 2 .

This game is a single and online match multiplayer that operates a floating aircraft in the future and runs a racing.

Enriched single play mode

In the career mode for playing alone, hundreds of events such as Arena Race, Time Attack, Last Man Standing, and Boss Race are available from 36 courses. Each course also supports reversible specifications.

Season update system online multiplayer mode


In the online multiplayer where you can enjoy the interpersonal game of this work, content such as dedicated skin rewards for each season is regularly added. At the time of matching, you can wait while doing single races, etc., and you can drop in from the end of the ongoing race. It also supports up to 12 people on PC and overseas console, and up to six in the overseas switch version.

The development of electronic songs reflects the situation of the race

Includes a total of 51 songs, including the Italian composer Giorgio Moroda, a synthesizer, Zardonic in Venezuela, and Dance with the Dead in the United States. They are said to have a dynamic mix that reflects the racing status in real time with their own song playback algorithm.

Redout 2, which is listed as an advanced element from the previous work, is also distributed for 3,960 yen for a PC version that supports Japanese and the customizability of the free and abundant body. During. In addition, DLCs such as season pass and soundtracks are on sale. For overseas, it is also available for PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch.

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