Knights 2 tips to archers

Archers belong to one of the four classes in Chivalry 2. Being the weakest of all classes, the archer can still offer a lot on the battlefield in terms of range. If you like the long-range style of the game, we will help you master the archer class in Chivalry 2 using this leadership.

Knight 2 Tips to archers

The archer in Chivalry 2 is a long-range and extremely necessary class. This class can restore the impulse of your team, attacking from afar in battle, but it lacks endurance (50), maximum health (90) and speed (100), which makes them the most polarized of all four classes.

Surviving as an archer in battle is hard work, because they are very vulnerable at close range. Let’s look at the advice that will help you fight the archers longer.

never attack from close range

As mentioned earlier, archers are best known for their distant attacks. They have a whole arsenal of weapons used for distant attacks, so it is very risky to place them in the place where they are at close range. Therefore, always make sure that the archer is at a great distance for the most effective attacks.

All three subclasses of archers sitting at a distance are perfect, but the presence of a long archer at a distance that uses the brazier will become a headache for your opponents, since the brazes cause huge damage.

Follow the flanks

As an archer, you must often follow your flanks. You may encounter several enemies, such as the avant-garde, so if you encounter them, you can leave your place and allow your team to cover you up and move if you need. But there are times when you do not have enough time to leave your place. So in this case, make sure you have a nearby weapon.

work in the team

Helping your team members in Chivalry 2 is the main task of the archer. This class is able to intervene in battles to support its allies and help them commit murders.

Being a class of long-range battle, the archer is easy to help the team using such weapons as arrows and roasting. Just take a high place and work miracles with your class. You can also use the banner from the subclass of a long archer to treat your allies in a certain proximity.

Use ammunition wisely

This leads us to the last and most important advice of the day for Chivalry 2: Use your ammunition reasonably. The archer has a total of 20 arrows, and its correct use can help you hold out for longer in battle, without leaving your place to hunt for supplies.

In conclusion, use arrows only if you know that you can commit a murder; Otherwise, you will in vain spend cartridges.

The best weapon archer

Despite the general low characteristics and the lack of close combat attacks, archers stand out the most due to the fact that they are a universal class in Chivalry 2, having both the main weapon of long-range combat and near-battle weapons in their arsenal.

Motive ax

Despite the fact that the throwing ax takes a lot of health from the enemy, it is still considered the worst weapon for the main range. This mainly depends on the accuracy of your aiming, since without good aiming you cannot handle this weapon, which makes it the least recommended weapon for battle.


Unlike a throwing ax, such axes as the viking ax are one of the best types of weapons of near-combat, which are owned by archers. Despite the fact that it is slowly swaying, its reach and DPS more than compensate for this. The best use of this weapon occurs when the enemy attacks you. Just use an ax to cut off their heads!


Walking with the weakest weapon used by an archer that has a weak close distance, a mace is a type of weapon that you want to leave as an additional version of the weapon, since archers are not known for their close combat abilities.


One-handed single-raised sword used by an archer. This weapon can be a little better than a mace, but still has a small range compared to other weapons. To use fake, you need to go to the battlefield for attack from close range, and again, archers are not the best choice for such attacks.

short sword

Improvement from fake. Now this is a weapon that you can use in battle. A short sword is relatively faster in speed, causes good damage and belongs to the category of compulsory weapons used by the archer.

A spear

The main weapon of the shooter, the spear is probably the most long-range weapon of the near-battle, which the archer can hold. Javelin can be thrown from a long distance, holding at a safe distance from the battle and at the same time causing great damage. Javelin is the best weapon for this class.


Luke is a trademark of archers.
They even have their own Longbowman subclass dedicated to bows.
Archers are experts in the killing of enemies at least three arrows in battle, which makes it the main weapon in their arsenal.


The best distant attacks are offered by the class of archers-arbepans.
Crossbounds can be used from a very long distance, and they also cause good damage.
Reloading can take a lot of time;
Nevertheless, he is most famous for his long-range damage.

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