Dofus: Enutrof 2.64 redesign, course harmonizing, nerve or up?

Map of variants of the Enutrof for Dofus 2.64

This time, the Enutrof does not enter by shedding. His overhaul has offered him powerful new devices or opened the usage of old spells. The trigger spells had the expected result, without being acceptable due to the fact that it is not extremely interesting from a gameplay viewpoint. They are effective however not very initial.

DOFUS: Enutrof balancing with upgrade 2.64

The redesign of the Enutrof supplied by the Dofus team with the last update was not perfect. To fix the capturing, the class undergoes some enhancements with the 2.64 patch, currently in beta!


Hence, the purpose of update 2.64 is to reduce the power of these spells to PRO, to boost the development at low degrees adhering to the motion of version and remedy the oversights of the previous overhaul.

Change of trigger spells

His overhaul has provided him powerful brand-new devices or unlocked the use of old spells. The trigger spells had the anticipated effect, without being satisfying due to the fact that it is not really fascinating from a gameplay point of sight. With Pelle de la lot of money, one wonders if Ankama does not want to change the Enutrof right into Ecaflip…

Bulk modifications

Bulk alterations

Dofus 2.64, when does it happen?

Update 2.64 is already in beta to be able to carry out your examinations. The arrival on conventional servers will certainly be done soon, Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

The 3rd and Second triggers of all these spells gain damage yet are extra arbitrary. Generally, you will certainly have a far better maximum ability at the cost of a larger worth interval and also most of all potentially less damage than on previous triggers. With Pelle de la fortune, one asks yourself if Ankama does not desire to change the Enutrof right into Ecaflip…
| Nerf: The spell is less effective| Neutral: The spell remains roughly the exact same/ adjustments compensate/ The adjustment is to be taken in globality on the class| Up: ** The spell is a lot more powerful

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