[Live] Pakour Action Battle Royale, High Squad in Hip

Game Name: Hipe Squad

Developer: Netmarble

Genre: Action TPS Battle Royale

Platform: PC


** Alpha test period: June 14 ~ 21, 2022

‘Hipe Squad’, which Netmarble is developed and service, is a melee combat-based Battle Royale game set in the future city. The user must compete with other users around the city until it remains as the last squad with various weapons, weapons skills, and chips in various parts of the city. Three kinds of skills and ultimate skills for each weapon will provide a wider range of action with parkour action that rides walls or terrain freely.

During this alpha test, Kaliostro Map supports both survival and occupied modes. In survival mode, there is a battle to cover the final winning team in Grayfield, which is getting less and more time. The occupation mode is a way that the team that fails to secure the occupation area until the end of the round is to leave, and the team that secured the final occupation in the final round wins the championship.

The Alpha Test of High Squad will be held until 2 am on the 21st, and can be played through Steam after registering the tester on the official website. More information can be found on the official website.

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