Fort Solis: a 1st trailer for the survival Horror with Troy Baker and also Roger Clark, it resembles Dead Area

Replying to a routine alarm system, the latter will understand that there is no more any kind of human trace within the Station Fort Solis. It is by starting to understand why she was developed that her occupants will certainly direct the pointer of their nose, yet not always in the predicted form a priori. From what we are told, the developers of Fallen Leaf have particularly treated the narrative, understanding that expedition will likewise inhabit a crucial place-the station will certainly be reduced into 9 big areas. For example, we will have the option between proceeding in the surface video game, or through the below ground paths of the red earth.


The release of Fort Solis is planned on PC on an unidentified day. Note that on YouTube, the workshop has made it clear that platforms could be validated in the future.

It was therefore required to wait on the conference of the Summer Game Fest 2022 to discover the extremely first trailer of Fort Solis, a survival Horror in which we will certainly find Troy Baker that we no more present. Besides, this is not the initial time that we become aware of the game, since he and also his acolyte Roger Clark (Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2) had teased the task last year. In conformity with the information that had actually filteringed system, the adventure will happen on Mars as well as will ask the player to embody the engineer Jack Leary.

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