How much XP is needed for each level in Fortnite (Chapter 3, Season 3)

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 added a lot of additions and even several minor changes. One of these small amendments is the amount of XP, necessary for players to increase the level. Players will need to earn a little more at each level compared to past seasons.

How many XP do you need for each level of Fortnite in chapter 3, season 3?

In chapter 3 of seasons of 3 Fortnite, small changes have occurred regarding the increase in the level and the required amount of XP. Fortnite previously demanded that the players earn 75,000 XP to pass each level, but it was increased for chapter 3, season 3. Players will have to earn 80,000 XP every time they want to increase the level.

How many glasses do you need for each level of Fortnite

It’s not so difficult to get XP in Fortnite, so do not be alarmed by a large number of XP, necessary for moving to the next level. The best way to get XP in Fortnite is to play regularly, since you will accumulate them naturally with time without much effort. Here’s what you need to increase the level this season:


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