Type-Moons visual novel “Wizards Night” PS4/Nintendo Switch version will be released on December 8. The overwhelming production work is full voice/full HD

Aniplex announced on May 27 that it will release the PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch version on December 8, 2022. The price of the regular version is 6600 yen including tax. The first limited edition comes with a makeup box and a collection of set materials.

“Wizard Night” is a visual novel by Type-Moon, released for PC in 2012. The stage of this work is Misaki-cho in the late 1980s. There was a little gossip in this town, a local city. He says, “Two witches live in the mansion on the slope.” The main character, Shizuki Kusagoro, is an ordinary male high school student who has just come down to the present age. Kusajuro was in a state of “in a way,” and was impressed by the richness of the city, and began to adapt to his new life little by little. One day, Kusakuro witnesses Aoi Aoi Aosaki, who uses magic in the night city. He will be involved in wizards and witches living in modern times.

This work is a novel game. The situation is explained by the text, and the scene is specifically described by standing picture and background. In such a basic mechanism, this work is a novel game itself. However, in this work, the story by Kinoko Nasu is enriched by the skillful production by Mr. Making. From the quiet air in the work to the moving battle scene, the material is used to be expressed by making good use of the material. The experience of watching a movie is a major feature of this work.

In the “Wizard Night” PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch version, the audio is added to the characters by full voice support, and the screen resolution is fully HD. The production and the large screen are enhanced. Compatible with Japanese/English/Chinese (Traditional/Simplified)

「魔法使いの夜」( PlayStation®4/ Nintendo Switch™)第1弾PV

The “Wizard Night” PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch version will be released on December 8, 2022. The price of the regular version is 6600 yen including tax. The limited edition is 7700 yen including tax, and comes with a specially drawn cosmetic box drawn by Hirokazu Koyama and a collection of setting materials. The contents of the set materials are the same as those that were included in the PC version 10 years ago. In addition, the digital deluxe version for PS4 is 7150 yen including tax, and comes with a digital version of the set materials. Reservations are scheduled to start from May 28, and various store benefits are also available.

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