Smilegate, Forest Recovery Volunteer Activities Restart, Forest of Hope

[Smilegate Hope Moon Young-soo] Smilegate Hope Studio (Chairman Kwon Hyuk-bin) announced on the 30th that it conducted forest recovery volunteer activities in Namyang-ri, Okgye-myeon, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do.

The forest recovery volunteer activity was focused on the recovery of the community by spreading the message of hope to the local community that was damaged by the horses in March of this year, under the theme of ‘Start, forest of hope’. It is meaningful to restore our community community through the spread of a pleasant donation culture based on the voluntary participation and empathy of game users.

Earlier, Hope Studio recruited volunteer applicants for the participants of the donation, and the majority of the applicants said they were ‘Lost Arc’ users. It is a glimpse of the meaning of volunteer activities that spread the good influence with the game users.

Volunteers who participated in the forest of hope again, had an orientation (OT) using methuses and familiarized with preliminary education and safety rules through pre-community activities. The volunteers responded by the fresh way of ‘fun’ and ‘compensation’ elements that are familiar to game users.

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The users who participated in the volunteer work carried out the first step to restore the forest ecosystem in the damage areas caused by forest fires. This activity was carried out according to the guide of the forest recovery support, NGO (Peace Forest). In the future, we plan to carry out various activities in sequence according to the recovery procedures such as planting trees and choosing land. After volunteering, the participants were given a social welfare volunteer certification (VMS) and the goods were paid as rewards.

Kwon Yeon-ju, head of Smilegate Hope Studio, said, “This forest recovery volunteer activities are meaningful in that game users who sympathized with the restoration of community community voluntarily and spread the fun donation culture.” As a platform that conveys hope to the community, I look forward to spreading the good influence with game users in the future. ”

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