Final Fantasy XIV developers will cancel the latest editing characters in PVP

In the latest Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, several balanced changes were made, including the Crystalline Conflict mode, which was added in Patche 6.1, Newfound Adventure. Joshida said that on June 7, 2022, the team will cancel recent changes.

Xeno Reacts to PVP Changes in Endwalker - Crystal Conflict & Series Rewards (Final Fantasy XIV)

Balance changes were based on the data received earlier this month, and since it takes time to write patch and planning, adjustments were not so relevant at the time of their implementation. The black magician, for example, as of Friday, May 6, showed the lowest indicators of participation and victories among all categories of players.

When the developers consider PVP data and victories, they take into account several categories, including the player’s profession, whether the player plays in normal mode, in the ranking or even an expert, and other trends. Their goal is to support the percentage of victories for each profession at about 50%, and when it comes to changing the balance, their goal is not to play with numbers, and try to change the situation in such a way as to maintain the basis of the profession and give players more chances to win.

If we talk about a black magician, a spellwath, then the style of this profession is based on attacks on the area and damage over time, as well as on limiting the mobility of the enemy. Recent changes designed to increase the efficiency of use, vitality and percentage of victories made the Black Mage excessively strong. Yoshida-san says this case caused special disappointment among many players.

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