Apparently, the PS Plus emulator does not comply with what was promised

The new PS Plus is about to be launched in the western market, this promises to have the best classic video games Sony with an emulation that players will love. Despite having this premise, it seems that things are not well, since it has just reported that the operation of some titles is not the most optimal.

The YouTube channel known as digital Foundry He got down to work to see how the emulation ran, making comparisons one by one with the original games of the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s. And Thus, they discovered, that indeed, we are going to play the versions Pal , which run at 50 Hz compared to those seen in NTSC .

PlayStation Plus PS1/PS2/PSP Classic Games Emulators Tested - And They're Not Good Enough

Here you can see the full video:

One of the games that focused the most to see the performance of the new ps plus was just escape, which initially runs to about 30 paintings per second, speed that drops at 25 once once Take the character. In addition, the resolution stretches the graphics somewhat more, which shows the original version with more clear colors than normal.

On the other hand, the additions for these classics were also verified, having rewinding options, resolution adjustment, pause, quick recorded and more. As for the performance of the emulation of PSP , it is good, since you can change the visual aspect that the player prefers, in addition, the resolution adapts to the TV not to perceive the teeth Sierra.

In conclusion, it is very likely that the only ones affected on emulation issues are the classics of the first PlayStation, although it is likely that a lot of public will let some errors overlook.

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