Gran Turismo 7: Tomorrow the World Series starts, so you can participate

The PlayStation-exclusive racing game Gran Turismo 7 does not stay with stop-and-go, but put a real record start and raced to the most successful launch of franchise history. Controversy such as the unbalanced microtransactions and criticism of incorrect online mode therefore did not represent any serious stumbling blocks in terms of sales.

With the upcoming World Series there is now another reason for auto enthusiasts, in Gran Turismo 7 (buy now € 63.97) on the accelerator pedal. From tomorrow, the 27. May , the global competition starts, where you can look forward to hot races and take part in them yourself.

What is the World Series from Gran Turismo 7?

The World Series is a gigantic tournament in which Gran Turismo fans from all over the world can drive around the world. The better you hit yourself in the online season 1 and the following online season 2, the higher your chances to compete against the absolute stars of the slopes.

Away from the online races, the finalists of the World Series can finally shake the steering wheel-savvy hands again this year: As early as July, a three-day event for the winners of the online season 1 in Salzburg will take place and the final will then take place, how 2018 and 2019 before, live in Monte Carlo . You can find more information about the course of the tournament on the official website.

How can I take part in the World Series?

Gran Turismo 7 World Series Has BIG Changes - All You Need To Know!

The conditions of participation are very simple: All you need are a Playstation 4 or 5, a version of Gran Turismo 7 and a functioning internet connection. In addition, you must have activated sports mode in the game for which you must have previously done the first nine menus in the game of the game, including menu number 9: Championship on the Tokyo Highway.

Then you get the reward in the café and can start in sports mode. For the World Series, the game will give you two options: You can take part in the Nations Cup and start your country on the racetrack or you will be prescribed in the Manufacturer Cup completely your favorite car car.

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