Vampire Survivors: Defeat Reaper – thats how it works

In this Guide for Vampire Survivors you can find out:

  • What you get when you destroy the reaper in the game
  • Which items you need to defeat death
  • Where you have to position yourself and what the best tactic is

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What do I get when I defeat the Reaper?

As a reward for defeating the reader, you wave as a playable character . Its starting values are impressive: +255 living, +100 percent movement speed and +20 percent Might (strength). His starting weapon is the scythe (upgrade of the ax). With death you easily sneak through the levels of Vampire Survivors.

What character should I play to defeat death?

With this method you have to play clerici. Why? Because of its passive ability. This grants Clerici 400 percent more AOE radius . Your projectiles and explosions cover a much larger area. This is very important in the combination of your weapons and items.

Which items should I take with me?

items that you need in any case

To kill the reader you have to get a completely certain combination on weapons and items so that the tactics open. As weapons, you absolutely need:

Runetracer *
Santa Water *

The Santa Water already gets Clerici from house – it is his starting weapon. You have to get the Runetracer with a level-up . If he does not drop and the new choke of the objects does not reveal the runetracer, you have to restart the attempt.

Items that are good for a Reaper kill

The following weapons and items make it much easier to destroy death and unlock as a playable character:

Laurel *
clocket lance *

Killing The Grim Reaper WITHOUT CHEATING! - Vampire Survivors
Empty Tome *
* Bracer

Knife *
Bone *

It makes sense to take both Laurel and Clocket Lance ** with you. Laurel gives you a sign with which you avoid damage. Clocket Lance shoots a beam to anesthetize your opponents. In the end, both can give you valuable seconds that you need to kill the reaper.

Candelabrador, Spellbinder, Empty Tome and Bracer offer you good passive bonuses on AOE radius, duration of your weapon effects, the weapon cooldown and the speed of your projectiles. With Knife and Bone you strengthen your damage against the Reaper. Alternatively, you can take the garlic.

the tactic to defeat death

Basically, you have to consider the following points when killing death: The Reaper scales with your level . This means that he gets stronger and gets more life when you get up a level. However, this scaling is only used until death appears on the map. Therefore, you have to endure at minute 30 until your spawn and should not level before. A few experience crystals are okay, You should never reach level 3. Therefore, the card on which you play are important and your positioning there:

You play on Inlaid Library. Start your run and go straight up to the two tables. There you will find a green experience crystal that gives you a level-up. If you get the Runetracer, you are ready to go. Stand between the left table and the clock . The right hand of Clerici should be located directly below the point of the end of the clock. Once you have found the right position, you automatically fend all the enemies. Wait 30.

As soon as the reaper appears, you sprint off and look for the red gem. In vampire survivors, blue gemstones are put together in a red gemstone with a certain number. This then contains the experience of the blue gemstones. As soon as you reach the red gemstone, you get a lot of experience and get a lot of levels . That makes you much stronger and you have a good chance to defeat the reaper, because it no longer scales with you.

If you have all levels distributed and finished your build, you have to go to second position as soon as possible **. This is behind the right table. We recorded the exact position in the screenshot:

There you keep the reaper trapped through the clocket lance and shoot it with everything your weapons give. In the meantime, another reaper spawns per minute. Don’t worry about this, because he is stunned by your clocket Lance. If you have enough damage, you defeat death after about 90 seconds . Then let the other reapers cut around and unlock the Reaper as “Mask of the Red Death” in the character menu.

Which upgrades make sense?

So that you can conquer the Reaper, grab as many upgrades as possible. **, however, do without this three:

Growth *

There are two reasons for this: On the one hand, you get Growth and Magnet the otherwise coveted experience crystals easier and faster. What sounds great at first is a problem with this tactics: you can only level very late and have to stand out for a long time to level 2. This is made more difficult by the two upgrades. On the other hand, Curse makes it much more difficult for you because it gives your enemies bonuses.

You can treat yourself to the remaining upgrades without any problems because they increase your chances of a Reaper kill. Above all, Revive is important because you get a revival. This can save you, for example, if the red gem has appeared far away from your position.

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