The Quarry has learned from Until Dawn and has several end cakes

Until Dawn - What happens if you purposefully kill everyone?
Super massive fans will be delighted to find out that the upcoming adventure horror game of the company, The Quarry, has taken up the criticism of the players about the previous title Until Dawn, and the new game should offer even more variations in their playing decisions Think of history – and that also includes very different ends.

Speaking in the latest edition of the EDGE magazine (Cante #372, p. 32) Quarry director Will describes BYLES that one of the problems that players with the previous title of the team, Until Dawn, had the lack of effective, diverse ending was. “One of the criticisms we got from Until Dawn was that there was a larger number of variations in the end,” says Byles, “but they always took place in and around the lodge, and it was important to see who There was and who was’ t. “

In order to counteract this, says Byles, Supermassive implements a number of different end cakes where The Quarry’s final can be played, and there will even be a way where players can skip each of these official ends. “It is about giving people tangible and meaningful ends of their versions of history,” says Byles.

According to Byles, The Quarry tries to avoid predictable horror genre tropics, such as knowing that the faeces will hit the proverbial fan when characters separate from the main group. The game will also limit the number of events that occur with everyone through to the absolute minimum, says Byles, and that there will be over 180 results for events that players can experience.

We have taken a quick look at some of the terrible events that will happen to the ensemble of the victims of the quarry than an ESRB evaluation of chainsaws, sex dungeons and more seeped.

It is no longer long since The Quarry will be released on June 10th. The game is part of the upcoming Xbox Series X games and the upcoming PS5 game list, but will also be published on the last generation consoles.

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