The announcement of ARMA 4 and the release of Arma Reformer took place

The Bohemia Interactive studio, which is known for the realistic shooter of Arma 3, announced two new games – Arma 4 and Arma Reformer. You can already try one of them by buying a client at Steam for 1,500 rubles.

We are talking about the Reformger version, whose events will unfold on the island of Everon during the Cold War. Players have to take part in new large -scale battles involving infantry and military equipment. The novelty is developed on the new Europe, which allows you to improve the quality of the graphics and implement many interesting mechanics.

ARMA 4 ANNOUNCEMENT In 5 Days! — ARMA Reforger

Arma 4 is also made on the same engine, which so far nothing is known so far. The developers promise to share the news more often and imagine, at one time, a truly worthy project.

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