The Rockstar Games parent company, Take

Take-Two Interactive plans to launch eight remastering games launched previously by 2025. The company revealed that fact as part of its recent financial events, although no specific information was provided about the games. Naturally, this news will generate speculation, particularly for Rockstar Games fans. The study has many great titles that could receive the remastering treatment, and could help relieve the waiting for larger offers such as grand Theft Auto 6. Unfortunately, we have no idea when the first of these remastering will be available, but we hope Take-Two has more information to provide in the coming months!

In the company’s financial results, ports and remastering ports are called “new iterations of previously launched titles.” Last year, the company launched _grand Theft Auto: The trilogy – the final edition While there was enough enthusiasm around the collection, he launched himself in a state with which many fans were not happy, due to errors and performance problems. With luck, these planned remastering will be launched in a state with which the players will be much happier!

While an grand Theft Auto 4 Remaster could be included in Take-Two’s plans, we may see that other Rockstar franchises receive a similar treatment. Games like the originalRed Dead Convention would make a lot of sense, and even Matón could be a possibility. Remasterizations present a great opportunity for newcomers to play games that could have lost the first time. They also require much less development time, so there is a financial attraction for companies such as Take-Two.

For now, fans will only have to wait patiently to see what the future holds. June is just around the corner and, although the E3 was canceled this year, it is likely that many games companies still make digital events. Maybe that’s where we could see for the first time the Take-Two’s future rowers!

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