Witch girl 3D action shooter “Little Witch Nobeta” will be released on September 29!

Justdan International announced that the release date of the 3D action shooting “ Little Witch Nobeta -Little Witch Nobeta –” developed by Pupuya Games and Simon Creative (Simon Creative) has been decided on September 29. Did. The target platform is PS4/Nintendo Switch/Windows (Steam), which will start accepting reservations today.

This work is a 3D action shooting game that operates the Little Witch Nobeta who has lost all his own memories, challenges a powerful raw soul doll, and goes to the throne, which is the only clue. Since 2020, Steam access has been implemented early.

The official website is open according to the release date decision, as well as regular version specifications, luxurious limited edition specifications, and store -only benefits.

Normal version

The main visual is renowned illustrator Kantoku, and as a digital benefit, the Nintendo Switch version includes the “Vampire” costume, and the PlayStation¬ģ4 version includes the “Necromancer” costume from the beginning. The ban will be lifted from the second lap).

Luxurious limited edition

The luxurious limited edition is a collaboration with the female VTuber group “Holo Live” operated by Cover Co., Ltd., Nintendo Switch version “Tania x Omaru Polka”, PlayStation 4 version “Monica x Hubuki”, Steam The three types of the version “Vanessa x Silver Noel” are scheduled to be released on the same day on September 29. The main illustrations are in charge of Komoshiro, sharkfile, and guchico.

Luxury limited edition model benefits are A4 duplicated signs, B2 tapestry, and limited boxes with luxurious main illustrations, but the luxurious limited edition common benefits include high -quality performances by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. A special soundtrack CD of a game that is a valuable collection item, and Mr. Pasera is in charge of the cover illustration, and a B5 size art book that contains a lot of beautiful illustrations is included in the box.

Store limited benefits

In “Little Witch Nobeta -Little Witch Nobeta-“, each store has decided to attach an original benefit that can only be obtained here.


Digital wallpaper

Amazon limited set mug 3 sets

Yodobashi Camera

Acrylic key chain

Bic Camera Group (Bic Camera Sofmap Kojima)

A4 size clear file


B2 tapestry (limited edition only)


Acrylic key chain

Don Quijote

A4 size clear file

Rakuten Books

Normal version: B2 tapestry

Limited edition: B2 tapestry + acrylic key chain set

Tiger Hole

Acrylic coaster

Melon Books

B2 tapestry


Acrylic stand


Limited edition: B2 tapestry

Limited set (limited edition, regular version): Postcard size acrylic stand, 2 types of acrylic figures, 6 types of postcard sets


Early reservation benefits (limited edition only): A4 size clear file

Limited version (limited edition only): 3 types of can badge sets

Limited set (limited edition only): A4 size acrylic panel


Pass case


B2 size tapestry

Gamers limited set (limited edition, regular version)

B2 size tapestry

Acrylic key chain

Little Witch Nobeta - Dark Souls Inspired Game Where You Play A Cute Anime Girl [ 1 ]

Acrylic Figure

Neo wing

Stand can badge

Game shop 1983

B5 size Both sides downlock

  • The design illustration is an image. It may differ from the actual product. Please check with each store for details and specifications.

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