Square Enix: Publisher defends his gigantic flop

Square Enix has had some disaster releases in the recent past, but the insight is still a long time coming. Now the publisher defends one of the greatest flops in recent years, even though it was even sued by the developer.

Actually, Balan Wonderworld was supposed to be a new top game from the Sonic creator Yuji Naka, but instead it has developed into one of the biggest flops of last year -both in financial and critical terms. Naka even felt so abandoned by the publisher that he has sued his former employer – but Square Enix continues to defend the release of the game.

Balan Wonderworld: Flop leads to complaint

Balan Wonderworld has a catastrophic critic score of 36 on Metacritic. The gamers were also not too enthusiastic about the game, the user score is currently 4.6. The disastrous ratings naturally also reflected in the sales figures , the game could not prevail in Japan or in the rest of the world in the sales charts. (Source: Metacritic / Gamerant)

According to Naka, this was the case that he had been removed from the project ** six months before the release and the game was subsequently released as a result. (Source: VGC)

In an investor meeting, Square Enix has now confirmed that the release has led to a lawsuit from NAKA, even if the result was not explained. For this, the Square Enix explained that Balan Wonderworld was a game, that the publisher would recommend with complete self -confidence . An opinion that not many others should share.

Square Enix are Making Some REALLY Questionable Decisions...

Square Enix: Turbulent times for publisher

According to Balan Wonderworld, Square Enix landed the next painful flop with the live service Action-RPG Babylon’s case this year. In addition, the publisher recently caused a sensation with the announcement **, several studios and among other things to sell the licenses for the Tomb-Raider and Deus-Ex series.

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