Silent Hills new PS5 exclusive launch… Why is rumors come out?

Silent Hill’s new rumor is a material that draws attention if you forget.

Silent Hill PS5 Screenshots JUST LEAKED and are CREEPY!
Since the release of the 2014 Playable Teaser (P.T), the new work, Silent Hills, has been officially canceled, but fans’ waits continue. This time, rumors are raised that new works will be released by PS5 exclusive. Where is the source?

Rumors have come out many times. Rumor has it that the Blueber Team Studio, which developed The Medium, is remakeing one Silent Hill. But the Blueber team officially denied it. On the other hand, the fact that this time the PS5 exclusive launch was the US game journalist Jeff Grub, who frequently delivers the news of the industry.

Grub’s predictions are highly accurate. In April 2021, he claimed that Remedy was producing Alan Wake 2, and eight months later Remedy unveiled Alan Wake 2. Also, in April of this year, EA, which had a relationship with the FIFA, predicted that the name of the FIFA series would be changed to EA Sports FC, and this was revealed in May.

On May 14, a Twitter user asked Grub, “Is Silent Hill come out as a PS5 monopoly?” Here, Grub said, “There is a high probability. Yes. ” In fact, rumors that Silent Hill will be released on PS5 before the “confirmation” have been often raised among fans. This answer is added to that guess.

Meanwhile, just a few days ago, the possibility of launching Silent Hill was revealed to the surface by other “leakers.”

Twitter user Aestheticgamer, who has been leaking news about survival horror games such as Resident Evil, uploaded an image that is believed to be a new Silent Hill on his Twitter on May 13. Since then, the image was deleted due to the complaints of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

DMCA is the US copyright law. If a specific website contents are determined to have violated copyright, the copyright holder will allow the copyright holder to require the deletion of the content directly from the site operator. At this time, deleting content without objection can avoid legal responsibility.

Fans estimate that DMCA complaints have been raised because the image is actually related to the new Silent Hill. Konami did not give a special position.

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