[Interview] What game do you play now? Recommended for you mini map

It is a world where you can play so easily without waiting for game cartridge and CD stock. If you simply press the purchase button on the online platform, you can download the game directly to the PC, and some don’t even need to get the game in the cloud. If you buy a real game, you will be delivered to the front of the house.

It’s easy to play games, but it’s hard to play. Among the games that I bought in too many games, I don’t know what to do first, and users who don’t know the game have become hard to play new games in too many games.

When you don’t know where the next quest is, the name of the mini -map that turns on when you don’t know where it is now, there is a service that reveals the path of the next game with the web and app. It’s a mini -map that you can recommend a variety of games and make friends with other players and start a new game with other players. We met with Cho Sung -hee, CEO of Mini Map, who set up a booth at the Play Expo and found gamers.

Reporter Kang Seung-jin (Kang Seung-jin) – I first participated in the Play Expo. I was surprised that there were a lot of people on weekdays. Many people come to the booth.

* CEO Sung -Hee Cho (Cho Sung -hee)There are five employees of the company, but today I don’t know that many people will come. It’s too hard because I have a meeting (laughs).

Kang Seung-jin \ – Mini-map is all expressions of eggs. What did you decide in the name of the company?

Cho Sung-hee -When playing a game, you need to look at the mini map to find the way and get a performance. Like that, when you play the game, you can use our app to help you look at the mini map. Also, let’s be a guide like a mini map in choosing a game. That means it was called a mini map.

Kang Seung-jin \ -The game is steadily developing and growing, starting with the recommendation of the game. What do you focus on now?

Cho Sung-hee -Some people ask me to stop the account interlocking platform, and there are some parts that feel a bit uncomfortable in using it.

And I’m preparing to launch English service, and I am the biggest goal this year.

Kang Seung-jin \ -The account interlocking sites are often overwhelmed at the fan site stage, so the profit structure is important. You’ve been continuing the service for many years.

Cho Sung-hee \ -We are making money on advertising and connecting users with game companies. The game company is doing FGT or an experience group event. I’m doing outsourcing for such companies. We can see if we can enter any user My page, so we can know the inclination or interests in that area.

Kang Seung-jin \ \ -My Page information can be seen a lot. How does that apply?

Cho Sung-hee \ -There are some of the big ones that we are now offered to users. Now I am recommending and matching it as an algorithm. The goal is to match the user so that it feels amazing when you see the recommended list.

Kang Seung-jin \ -Then did you think this game recommendation is a core content of the mini map?

Cho Sung-hee \ -In the beginning, I thought the game ‘Let’s make a DB’ was the biggest. Based on that, I archived and recommended the game. But when we run the service, we have a lot of information gained by communicating with users than we recommend mechanically.

So, in the direction of emphasizing communication rather than the early development direction, I was more sincere.

Kang Seung-jin \ -The community is good for users to share information, but I think it’s good to get information and find new games simply like magazines and collections. This content is actually harder.

Cho Sung-hee \ -This at first, I started to find us by looking at these content. The magazine is not easy to write by our community manager. It’s not easy, but we have the evaluation or review of users, so it was a little better to make it with content. Rather than introducing any game without anything. If you go to the recommended game page, you can see the evaluation of other users.

That’s why it’s easier to make it with content.

Kang Seung-jin \ -The base is well cleaned.

Cho Sung-hee \ -If you motivate the users based on the evaluation, I am grateful that the result is fine.

Kang Seung-jin \ -Of course, I work hard and use it. And this year has a goal to showcase an English page. Do you have any goals in the long run?

Cho Sung-hee \ -I think you can play the game on our platform in the future.

We recommend the game is to try the game yourself, but we recommend that we go to another platform to buy or play. If you look long, I want to play on our site.

Kang Seung-jin \ -The account with other platforms can be linked. It’s not yet, but you can collect something like information and see it at once. How is this linkage process?

Cho Sung-hee \ -We only bring the public information of the external platform. But that often changes. In the case of PlayStation this time, the PS5 was released, and the site called My Placetation was lost. That’s why I bring information from a new place, so I am now in English.

This is the most difficult problem to change the original source site. Over time, the more interlocking platforms we provide, right? However, even a few of them are difficult to maintain at the same time if they change at the same time.

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Kang Seung-jin – Some fans who knew in advance, but some users who will visit the article or Play Expo and get to know the minimap.

Cho Sung-hee \ -I think it’s a platform for people who enjoy a lot of games. So far.

Kang Seung-jin – Then what about the future?

Cho Sung-hee \ -I want to play a game for users who want to play a game, but I want to be a platform that can recommend the game.

Kang Seung-jin -Lastly, what do you want to tell fans to find the site?

Cho Sung-hee \ -Then who have used our service, they just came to see the information, signed up, signed up, and used the game to use the game. I prepared for the reason why I would like to join the mission until I signed up at the field event. I really want you to sign up and use the mini map. I just want to tell you what this is, that’s a different fun than going out.

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