Worx Moravo, Bosch, Gardena: Now up to 350 euros discount – also battery

Moravo robots are currently on the rise, but nowadays it is too happy to leave artificial intelligence not only the annoying sucking of the apartment, but also the accurate mowing of the garden. Top devices from Worx, Bosch, Husqvarna or Gardena independently trim the lawn and throw out the cut stalks instead of storing them in a fishing basket like a conventional lawnmower. One speaks of the so -called mowing. This has the advantage that the lawn is supplied with nutrients by the rotting stalks. So you can save artificial fertilizers. AI and the latest technology The lawn mower robot have their price, but at Amazon some providers outbid themselves with discounts for smart lawnmowers. You can save up to 350 euros for top devices such as the Gardena Sileno, the Bosch Indego or the Worx Landroid., Wants to buy Kärcher or Bosch, he is currently looking for at Amazon. It is worth it quickly, because with the special offers it says “while stocks last”. **


  1. At the Worx Landroid Morava I save 350 euros at Amazon

1.1. Great alternative to the Worx Landroid: The Bosch Indego robotic lawnmower

  1. Cordless lawnmower from Einhell, Kärcher and Bosch up to 30% cheaper

  2. Large robotic lawnmowers purchase advice

at the Worx Landroid Morava robot 350 euros save on Amazon

The Worx Landroid was awarded the Product Safety Award of the European Commission. Source: Amazon

It sounds paradoxical that the top manufacturers such as Worx, Bosch or Gardena offer their coveted robotic lawnmowers at reduced prices right now. But the competition among the providers of the smart lawn mower is great – we should be the right and cheap. There are up to 350 euros discount if you choose the Worx Landroid M WR142E, for example. The test image awarded by the test image with a cutting width of 180 mm and a battery life of 60 minutes is recommended for larger gardens up to 700 square meters and is the first robotic lawnmower to be used by the European Commission with the Product Safety Award to protect small children and Animals were awarded. Great: The versions for smaller gardens can currently be bought at Amazon with discounts up to 32%.

Worx Landroid M Morava 32% cheaper on Amazon

First -class robotic lawnmower at the top price: Bosch Indego Source: Amazon

Great alternative to the Worx Landroid: The Bosch Indego robotic lawnmower

A great alternative to the Worx Mähr robots is the Bosch indego. This smart lawn mower is also available for different lawns. The somewhat more expensive “+” version of the lawn mower robot offers app functions, for example to control the robotic lawnmower via voice control (Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant). Thanks to smartmowing function, the Bosch Indego can even analyze the garden, the local weather and personal preferences in order to optimize the mowing plan, and you can currently buy the Bosch Indego robotic lawnmower at Amazon with discounts up to 31% (while stocks last). Bosch Indego at Amazon up to 31% cheaper.

Bosch Indego M Morava Bokers 31% cheaper on Amazon

Morava with up to 350 euros discount on Amazon

  • Worx Landroid S, 250 m2 for 538 euros ~~ (€ 749) ~~
  • Worx Landroid M, 500 m2 for 609 euros ~~ (899 €) ~~
  • Worx Landroid M, 700 m2 for 644 euros ~~ (€ 999) ~~
  • Bosch indego XS, 300 m2 for 538.43 euros ~~ (€ 739) ~~
  • Bosch indego s, 500 m2 for 626 euros ~~ (889 €) ~~
  • Bosch indego m, 700 m2 for 744 euros ~~ (€ 1,079) ~~
  • Bosch indego M+, 700 m2 for 889 euros ~~ (€ 1,199) ~~
  • Gardena Sileno City, 300 m2 for 699 euros ~~ (€ 799) ~~
  • Gardena Sileno Life, 1000 m2 for 1,099 euros ~~ (€ 1,299) ~~
  • Landxcape LX799, 300 m2 for 399.99 euros ~~ (599 €) ~~

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BOSCH Indego S+400 Robo Mower Review
The Einhell Rasarro cordless lawnmower is currently available in the special Amazon offer. Source: Amazon

cordless lawnmower of Einhell, Kärcher and Bosch up to 30% cheaper

Not only robots from top providers such as Worx, Bosch or Gardena can currently be bought with giant discounts at Amazon. Cordless lawnmowers from renowned manufacturers such as Einhell, Kärcher and Bosch were also reduced in price. For example, the Einhell battery lawn mower Rasarro 36/38 with 36V and 38 cm cutting width, test winner at Stiftung Warentest, costs only 294 instead of 419.95 euros.

battery lawn mower cheaper on Amazon

  • Einhell City, 18V, 25L fishing basket for 92 euros ~~ (125 €) ~~
  • Einhell GE-CM, 36V, 40L fishing basket + 2x battery 4.0 AH + 2x charger for 257 euros ~~ (€ 339) ~~
  • Einhell Rasarro, 36V, 45L fishing basket + 2x battery 4.0 AH + twin charger for 294 euros ~~ (€ 419) ~~
  • Einhell Rasarro, 36V, 50l fishing basket + 2x battery 4.0 AH + twin charger for 340.51 euros ~~ (€ 459) ~~
  • Kärcher LMO, 18V, 25L fishing basket for 147.73 euros ~~ (185 €) ~~
  • Bosch Advancedrotak, 36V, 50l fishing basket + 2x battery 2.0 AH for 494 euros ~~ (€ 629) ~~

Morava buying advice from PCGH guides. Source: Worx

Large robotic robot purchase advice

If you want to deal more intensely with the topic of smart lawnmowers from Worx, Bosch, Gardena & Co., we recommend that we graze the very detailed robotic robot nurse of our colleagues from PCGH guides. How does a robotic robot work? Is a lawnmower robot suitable for my garden? What types and differences are there? What smart functions and sensors have robotic lawnmowers? How do I set up a lawnmower robot? These and many other questions are answered competently and clearly.

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