My actions change the world, Vampire: mascar Raid

World of Darkness, an indispensable work when talking about Urban Fantasy and TRPG. Based on this, the video game ‘Vampire: Masquerade -Swansong (Swansong)’ is about to be released in May. Naon unveiled a special video with the H2 Interactive, which was in charge of domestic distribution.

Caine - The First Vampire (World of Darkness LORE)

Naon’s community manager Chris found fans by introducing the game through the Rurikon online broadcast on the 14th.

Chris introduced the vampire as a conspiracy behind him and lives in hiding his identity according to the stringent rule of union. Swansong is developed by Big Bad Wolf as a narrative RPG that unfolds the story of these vampires in the background of Boston. Big Bad Wolf is a developer of The Counsel, which has been positively evaluated for changing adventure elements, stories, and endings as the main character’s class and growth.

Swansong also depicts a variety of branches and stories based on the main characters selected as Big Bad Wolf’s previous work, ‘The Counsel’.

The main characters in the game are three vampires, including the cold and computational Bentu ‘Gayrup’, the Torre Ador ‘E’, who steals others with the full charm, and the Malcarbian prophet ‘Leisha’. The player is a member of Kamarilla, a secret faction of vampires, and investigates the attack.

In the game, not only one of these is not selected and played in advance, but they will change these three people. These vampires have unique skills for each character, such as threats, control, and hideout, and there are vampire -only Dishlin. Deflein is entirely up to the player how to use it with a kind of supernatural ability of a vampire.

Depending on how you use the acquired XP, what skills and abilities you have, and how to solve the problems and trials in front of you, the characters as well as the consequences the world will be completely different.

Chris mentioned the importance of the price of the development team, and said that the player’s choice, decisions, and actions will simply change the future as well as the future. These choices and changes are similar to what is shown through ‘The Counsel’, and it also contains elements such as the growth shown in TRPG. And this leads to various endings later.

Chris said he would like to experience the thrilling story of Boston’s fate while looking for a proper balance between the beast and humanity.

‘Vampire: Masquerade -Swansong’ will be released in Korean on May 19 through PC and console.

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