Buying Twitter on the brink! Elon Musk has concerns now.

Actually, everything looked like that the Twitter takeover is more than safe from Elon Musk. But now the deal of $ 44 billion seems to be on the brink. In a message on Twitter, the Tesla boss announced that the takeover will be stopped for the time being. This announcement also promptly affected the company’s share **.

Elon Musk offers to buy 100% of Twitter for $54.20 per share

why hesitates Elon Musk at the Twitter deal?

At the beginning of the week, the short news service published an estimate, according to which bots and spam accounts for are less than 5 % of the user base. However, Elon Musk wants to have more detailed numbers here and now waits for further calculations to confirm the value of the estimate. In the past few days, the billionaire has announced that all spam accounts are banned from the platform – if he then takes over the management of Beitwitter **.

Twitter share rushes down

It has not yet been known when the calculations at Elon Musk will be on the table. However, the deal now on ice does not have a positive effect. On the stock exchange, the share of Twitter around almost 20 % fell to $ 34.50 . A new low since the takeover announcement by Musk. If everything runs according to plan, the Tesla boss ** 54.20 US dollar wants to pay all shareholders per share.

What happens if the deal should burst?

Investors already had a premonition on Thursday that the deal could stall. Because yesterday the share dropped to $ 45.08. Experts now speculate whether Elon Musk may be looking for a way out of the deal or would like to correct the offer a little down . If one of the two sides still prevented the takeover, you would have to send one billion US dollars to the other party as a punishment.

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