Dying Light set to obtain cross content from Left 4 Dead 2

With Lumière dying 2 by publishing next year, you might think that all Techland’s efforts focus on the future. But, surprised, he always produces content for the original game, more than five years after its release. Today, on Twitter, he teased fans about what was going to happen.

The developer revealed that his open -world adventure game included new multisgments content. And it comes from a somewhat inspired source – the classic multiplayer shooting game of Valve left 4 Dead 2.

The tweet shows exciting weapons in the game (like a guitar). This also promises a “style” taken from the classic valve, although no additional detail has been released. Check below.

Techland initially launched the idea of such a crossing a few days ago, following the conclusion of its recent event Deadeye’s promised. He says in his tweet, “We don’t want you to leave 4 dead waiting for results! “” “

Techland does not say what the content will understand. But the possibility of lated for death 2 character skins is there, with a mode inspired by it. And who knows, there could be one or two explosive zombies so that things remain interesting.

With Halloween just at the corner of the street, the developer could disclose details on the crossing event in the coming days. We will inform you as soon as more information is available. In the meantime, continue to dream of zombies, fans. (Finally, perhaps not those who explode. Brut.)

Dying Light New Update - New Weapons From Left 4 Dead 2 | FREE DLC & NEW COMMUNITY EVENT | 2019

Lumière dying is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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