Fortnite: How to split

If you want to include a friend in the campaign fourteen days , you will be able to do that. Something that many players did not know about it is the possibility of playing Fortnite in S splitscreen against other players online. If you and your friends want to show your skills in the same room, you just have to find out how you can do this.

Fortunately, the process is quite simple, and if you follow our helpful guide on this topic, you can get into the campaign easier than ever before. But can this do that every system? Let us find out!

how to play splitscreen in Fortnite

In order to be able to play split screen in Fortnite, you only need a second controller. Not every platform can play split screen, so read on to find out which systems support this and how you can get started with a second player.

shared screen on Playstation and Xbox

If you want to play Fortnite-split screen , you will find that the process is surprisingly simple. You just have to follow these steps to ensure that things work perfectly:

  • Start Fortnite and go to the main lobby
  • Turn on another controller and register with another account. You cannot use a guest account.
    Press the triangle button on your Playstation controller, or y * on your Xbox controller to complete the registration
  • You will see that both characters are now in the lobby, which enables playing on a shared screen.

How To Do Split Screen on Fortnite

You have to make sure that both accounts are assigned a Fortnite account. You cannot use a guest account for this, which is somewhat unhappy, but if you have to create a secondary account, you can do this directly Epic Games website.

shared screen on Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile device

Unfortunately, there is currently no split screen support ** for Nintendo Switch, PC or mobile devices at the time of this article. Since some problems with the performance of the game were reported on the Nintendo Switch, it is not surprising that the console has the Split screen mode to offer the Fortnite, may not be fully supported. However, you can implement this in the future, as new functions and modes are constantly added to the game.

Which modes can you play on the shared screen?

You will be able to play duos and squads mode, such as play single would give an unfair advantage because you could work with your partner to recognize opponents. You can play creatively, time -limited modes and save the world too.

What are the disadvantages of splitscreen?

The biggest difference is Half of your view is blocked by the other player, which means that your spatial awareness is reduced by an appropriate amount. Make sure that communication is strong is the key to survival because they will see a little less. The other disadvantage or advantage for some players is cross play is deactivated if you use the shared screen so that you can only play against players of the same system family.

And there we have all the information you need via the shared screen in Fortnite! Bring some of your friends together and start to get some Victory Royales, the victory is so much sweeter if you can celebrate together.

Fourteen days is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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