Arkane Studios: Ravenholm: Arkanes verschollenes Half-Life-2-Spin

In 2006/07, the Deathloop -& Dishonored developer Arkane Studios worked on an additional episode for Half-Life 2. What became the “Ravenholm” project reveals an exciting, one-hour document.

The Noclip project is made from crowdfunding coal exciting game documentation, e.g. via Among Us, Demon’s Souls or Alien Isolation -all of this can be seen regularly on YouTube. And the latest edition revolves around the Ravenholm project, which should actually be an additional episode or a spin-off to Valve’s legendary Shooter Half-Life 2.

This is
Warren Spectors Studio Junction Point originally worked on the Ravenholm episode, then the project went to Arcanes. As early as 2012, Half-Life author Marc Laidlaw reported on Arkanes plans and the reasons for the attitude, but now we finally see what we may have missed. Noclip show massive game scenes, explain the electricity system and there are also a few really eerily-dark sections-which was obvious after the original level in Ravenholm…

But before we end up in texting the content of the video, I might have looked like Arkanes Half-Life-2 episode Ravenholm.

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