Eternal Sword, additional reward up to additional mode

Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong -guk) announced on the 4th that it has implemented a global update of the Eternal Sweet: Legion War (Eternal Saga: Eternal Saga: Region Tactics).

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In this update, ‘neglect mode’ was added. The neglect mode was introduced to improve user convenience in a mode supported to clear the stage even after the game was terminated. After the game ends, you will be able to obtain a stage clear reward as much as the neglect mode time. The neglect mode can choose the most efficient stage and select it, and if you do not select, the most recent clear stage is automatically applied.

Existing content has also increased significantly. You can enjoy new adventures by opening seven new stages in Astania. In addition, four kinds of Soul Weapon, which will be an opportunity to strengthen power, have also emerged. The Hero Soul Weapon is ‘Miraz’s Horn Staff’ and ‘Karina’, which is used by Tori, and ‘West Geumgangbong’, which is used by ‘Karina’, and ‘Piljung’s Dangung’ used by the soldier soul weapon The ‘Bukchae of the Earth’ used by the Wild Party has been added. In addition, Tori and Karina’s heroes and the Magic Knight Kiheru skin were added.

Com2us Holdings will hold an event until the 17th of next month to commemorate the update. You can draw an event by acquiring ‘King Coin’ from all stages on the world map. You can draw once with 20 kingcoins, and you can get all 30 different items, including the event legend item summons, and ‘Hero Soul Weapon Summons’. The draw list can be initialized three times.

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