Two -back, establishment of its own studio.

Game Global Service Startup Tupit (2BYTES, CEO Ham Young -cheol) announced that it established its own development studio, Penta Peak Studio, and opened its official website.

The Penta Peak Studio is its own game development studio founded in Twote. Developers who have gained experience in major domestic game companies such as Nexon, NC Soft, and Wemade are the main drivers. Two -Bate announced the development of ‘ProjectsR’ and ‘ProjectCG’ by promoting global high quality casual game development with global service know -how and solid development power.

‘Projectsr’ is a Match 3 meta -puzzle game based on fairy tales and magic. You can decorate characters, personal spaces, and pets using decorating elements obtained through puzzles. Two -side said it was developed at a high quality and was loved by casual gamers around the world.

‘ProjectCG’ is a sci -fi strategy mid -core game based on Mars Terraforming. Various ways of cooperation and competition to occupy Mars’ resources are constantly occurring. It is a P2G (Play To Get) -based game that can target the base that competitive users can customize and collect various NFT robots and organize the team.

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The Penta Peak Studio will also recruit talented people at the same time as the website is opened. The hiring jobs are the previous job groups before game development, including development, design, and planning. Penta Peak Studios provides ▲ autonomous commuting system, three -year -old company support, light investigation support, and snacks.

In addition, the incentive policy was also chosen to pay all employees who participated in the development. Twotey explained that it would share the success of the game project with all the colleagues who participated in the development.

Ham Young -cheol, CEO of Tuby, said, “The stage where the game of the Penta Peak Studio will appear is the world. We will wait for the support of many talented people who will develop interesting games in a pleasant atmosphere with global colleagues. ”

For more information and job support for the Penta Peak Studio, please visit the official website.

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