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Hard to Run, Berry Hard to Master

One of the 2D action games made by Jung Jin -seop, CEO of Megu Star Game, one -person developer, and ‘Unsoul’, will be one of the stories that have always been in the development period for more than six years. By utilizing exciting actions such as the ‘Nonmuja’ and ‘Ninja Gaiden’ series, it is to take the grammar of Jung Jin -seop’s favorite fighting genre at the same time. With that idea, ‘Unsud’ is a destiny to be a difficult game.

On the contrary, for gamers with similar tastes to developers, ‘Unsud”s combat mechanism may come into a kind that has not been easily accessible in any action game. As I mentioned in many interviews, it is natural to see it as a game for those who have a maniac, and it is a game for those who have a maniac.

On April 28, ‘Unsud’, which had played the courage since its official launch, must have had difficult games as they had come in. Even before starting a full -fledged game, I had to try to go on a tutorial. However, that doesn’t mean the difficulty of this game feels like a barrier to entry. Rather, ‘Unsud’ was close to a game that caused the desire to continue to challenge.

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Game Name : Unsundud
Genre Name : Action
release date : 2022.04.28.
Review :


Developer : Megu Star Games
Service : Neowiz
Platform : PC (STEAM), Xbox, Nintendo Switch
Play : PC (STEAM)

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Top down + fighting game grammar made by the exciting action

As mentioned on the official website, ‘Unsud’ is a game that focuses only on combat systems, which excludes the puzzle elements and directions as much as possible in existing action games. This doesn’t mean there’s no puzzle and direction, but it’s like a combat system.

It also thoroughly excluded elements such as collecting items and strengthening equipment so that they can grow themselves with two elements: ‘soul acquisition’ and ‘skill level up’. When you start the game, a little tutorial will continue, and you will almost immediately put it into practice. Attacks, dashes, and basic combo teach you, but what happens in the future will come out with your own skills.

As I mentioned for a while, the characteristic of ‘Unsud’ is that even though it is a game that is often in a large state, it is steadily following the grammar of fighting fighting. You can catch instantaneous judgments, such as catching delay according to your opponent’s big movements, or fighting for the best distance to match the effect, and even combo and technology can be used with similar operation to fighting games. If you try to do it, it’s not a familiar combat style, so your hands don’t move at your own way, but once you adapt, you can feel the exciting blow, the charm of ‘Unsud’.

In more detail, the core of the battle of ‘Unsud’ is that it is advantageous for you through various technologies that use the so -called ‘counter’, ‘just guard’ and soul objects that attack or defend against the other’s attack timing. It consists of a leading strategy. If you are surrounded by a number of enemies, you can pick up the enemy as a momentary judgment, and if you want to be surrounded by a large number of enemies, you can push the enemy with a range of attack technology and handle it from the nearest enemy.

If you look like this, it doesn’t seem to be much from any action game, but the story is different when you enter the details. For example, when you are attacking the enemy’s batter, you have to get out of the middle using the technology called ‘Running’, and the combo attack also needs to enter a subsequent hit in a gap where the character’s character is shining yellow. To collect the falling objects in an instant and restore your stamina and stamina, you need to use the technology called ‘Blood’, and when you meet a shield, you need to use the technology that can break the guard.

If you look at the techniques one by one, it looks simple, and the difficulty of feeling as much as the form of a fighting fighting is different from the judgment of the moment. In particular, ‘ghost running’ is one of the most important technologies in Unsould, and I have been attacked continuously because I have not been able to use the last boss.

In addition, the pop -up that tells the intermediate technology comes up, but it is a pity that most of the manipulation explanations are gathered at the beginning of the game. Since there is a depth of the combat system, it seems to be the intention of delivering more content at the start of the game, but it feels more overwhelmed by too many command lists rather than helping to learn how to operate.

But that doesn’t have to be too difficult. ‘Undud’ supports three difficulty ‘Master Soul’ for those who want more difficult games, and ‘Master Soul’ for those who want more difficult games. The counter timing becomes more generous and the enemy’s attack pattern is simple, so if you are not familiar with the action game, you can learn from the easier difficulty.

In addition, there are so many technologies, but the core of ‘Unsud’ is to take the enemy’s attack on time and attack the enemy for gaps. Even if this is faithful, it was not too much to see the ending at the general difficulty even if it was used only on basic attacks and dashes. To taste more stylish battles and exciting actions, you need practice and effort, mainly it enters the area for those who aim for ‘beyond the ending’.

The main story is somewhat short, but a game with a lot of pagoda

As of the time of launch, there are five chapters of ‘Undud’. Follow the adventures of the prince of the main character, the prince of Manguk, followed the adventure of finding a being who destroyed his country. One chapter can be cleared in about 30-40 minutes, assuming that you do not go to every corner of the map, there are individual differences, but you can clear the boss of 5 chapters in about three or four hours.

The three to four hours of playtime is an indie game, but in fact, the main chapter is only part of ‘Unsud’. If you only clear the main story, you will complete six of the 52 challenges based on the Steam Platform, and the other six challenges are filled with so -called ‘digging’ elements.

Although the producer’s tastes and intentions may be reflected, ‘Unsud’ is a sincere game to show the player’s data. After clearing one act, you can see how much time it took, how long it died, and how many enemies you killed. All of these results are reflected in the score, and the score also affects the act -specific clear rank. At the end, a few users have cleared one act, and I can see how many of them have been cleared. To increase this rank a little bit, you need to practice the combo with repeated play, learn the enemy’s pattern, and clear the act nicely with the skillless skill.

After clearing all of the main chapters, more challenging content is waiting, which is a new ‘mirror room’ with its launch. There’s a bloody task waiting for you to fill the number of counters before you die, kill as many enemies as possible, or two bosses by chapter. All challenges are recorded like Magnet Act, so they can compete indirectly with other players.

All of these contents are also focused on learning and learning the combat style of ‘Unsud’. As I feel proud of the unique combat style presented through ‘Unsud’, it is also a glimpse of the effort to showcase various things as possible for those who fit their tastes.

In summary, ‘Undud’ is an action game that features a unique combat system that is not easily found in the same indie game, as well as the size of the title. Although it is impressive that the play style that requires a myriad of operation and the momentary judgment is not easy to enjoy, it supports easy difficulty, so that players who are not used to action games can be accessed.

In addition, Unsud provides a variety of contents to experience the in -depth combat system to the limit for those who think, “I played it.” If you have a good taste, you can enjoy it for a long time, and it has enough charm with a combat style to try at least once.

If you are subscribing to the XBOX game pass, you can play ‘Unsund’ once if you are a gamer who is curious about exciting action and hand.

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