PS Plus May 2022: When do they go for free

PS Plus members can look forward to new food very soon: The PS4 and PS5 titles of May 2022 will soon be available for free download in the PlayStation Store.

At what time are the PS Plus games released in May 2022?

Date of activation: 3. May 2022 (Tuesday)
Approximately time: around 12 noon *

*Sony does not announce a specific time for the publication of the new PS Plus games. Finally, the titles were always unlocked around lunchtime, about between 12 and 1 p.m. PlayStation Store will update this article as soon as the new games are available.

these are the Playstation Plus games in May 2022

FIFA 22 * (PS4/PS5)
Curse of the Dead Gods (PS4)
Tribes of Midgard (PS4/PS5)

Which games are worthwhile? In our separate PlayStation Store article on the current PS Plus-Lineup, we will introduce you to the new free titles, so that you can decide whether the download is worth it or not:

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The PlayStation Plus Highlight in May 2022

In addition to FIFA 2022, Curse of the Dead Gods awaits you a real insider tip that you should definitely look at. Here you can see the trailer for Action-RPG:

That’s what it’s about: with Curse of the Dead Gods awaits you a quick, crispy rogue lite that wakes up memories of Supergiant Games’ celebrated Hades. You fight yourself through dark dungeons and have to deal with enemies that become stronger in the dark.

In the PlayStation Store test, Curse of the Dead Gods dusted an impressive rating of 85 and turned out to be a surprise title from 2021.

PS Plus for PS4 and PS5 – is a subscription worth?

You can only download the PS Plus games with an active PlayStation Plus subscription at no additional cost. If you are not a PS Plus member and ask you whether a subscription is worth it at all, you will find all the important questions and answers in our large PS Plus-Faq: Here we provide you with the advantages, prices and all other PS Plus- Information more precisely.

Which “free” title do you particularly look forward to this month? Like to write it in the comments!

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