Poat purchase eidos, Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix Montreal and all its franchises

Poat Group This morning announced an agreement with Square Enix to buy development studies Crystal Dynamics , Eidos-Montréal and Square Enix Montréal . In the package there are also franchises such as Tomb Raider , Deus Ex , Thief , Legacy of Kain and 50 other titles. They are, in total, some 1,100 workers spread over eight offices.

The price? Because 300 million dollars , which sound little and that the Nordic conglomerate will pay in cash.

The acquisition now has to go through “several regulatory processes and external approvals”, but from a embarrass they are expected to be fast procedures and that everything is closed for the second quarter of the fiscal year – between July and September of this same 2022.

The press release reminds us that Crystal Dynamics is already working on a new Tomb Raider, the one that will use Unreal Engine 5, and we also know that part of the team collaborates with The Initiative in the development of Perfect Dark.

Less signed we had the next eidos projects, which finished Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy not long. His 500 workers, divided into four teams, prepare “several AAA projects, both new deliveries of very dear franchises and new franchises.”

Embracer Group Signs Agreement to Acquire Eidos, Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix Montreal and More

Square Enix Montréal , meanwhile, will continue with adaptations for mobile type Hitman Go or Lara Croft Go.

I do not know to what extent it still makes sense to review how large is Group Each time they buy new studies, but come on, these are those of Thq Nordic, Deep Silver, Koch Media, Gearbox, Knowing Interactive, Coffee Stain and others; 10,000 people, 124 studies and 230 developing games, 30 of them of the fat people.

And yes, Square Enix says in another statement that this sale will allow them to “open new business lines and continue with investments in fields such as the blockchain, the AI and the cloud.”

We just need to know what this surprising operation for Marvel’s Avengers means – which, surely, is to blame for everything.

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