LOL: Arcane in danger by Netflixs budget cuts? Riot Games clears the doubts

Imagine Dragons x J.I.D - Enemy (from the series Arcane League of Legends)
After a successful first season, Arcane, the animated League of Legends series, will return to Netflix next year. However, the Transmission Platform on demand is currently facing some small budgetary problems . One of the reasons is the exorbitant price of the episodes of the fourth season of Stranger Things, which would have cost the whopping of 30 million dollars each. But that is not all.

The value of Netflix actions collapsed due to the loss of income from the suspension of the service in Russia. The service also lost 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022 compared to 2021, a novelty in 10 years for the American company. As a result, The market value of the platform fell 54 billion dollars . That is why, to balance the accounts, Netflix decided to cut the budgets of new shows up to 25%, although without appointing any platform title.

Arcane, saved from Netflix disaster

If we still do not know what series exactly these budget cuts will suffer, It seems that Arcane , the series produced by Riot Games and the French studio fortiche, is safe .

In an interview, the developers of League of Legends confirmed that Arcane is completely independent of Netflix : Riot “produces the series completely” in collaboration with the French studio Fortiche. The on -demand transmission platform is only in charge of the distribution of the series ; Therefore, the production of season 2 will not be affected in any way, good news for fans who expect anxious to continue the adventures of Jinx, VI, Jayce and company.

According to Riot Games, The production of the second season _ is “in full swing” _ . An official launch date has not yet been established, either publicly or behind the scene, but all eyes are put in 2023. It will be necessary to see if this new season will meet what is promised, since the expectation is maximum due to the incredibly Good and well received that was his first installment half a year ago.

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