Schröder wants to play for the DBB again in June

This was said by national coach Gordon Herbert in Cologne on Friday.
“He wants to play for the national team in the Juni window. We only had a few days ago. We are very pleased about it. He can be the difference for us,” said Herbert about the 28-year-old construction player from the Houston Rockets.
Schröder could play in Estonia on June 30th and on July 3 against Poland in Bremen.
“We have to be a team, but we also need individual talent and dennis exceptionally a lot of talent. He wants to be part of our team,” said Herbert about the point guard.

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home European Championships in Cologne and Berlin

In the previous qualification, the national coach had not been able to rely on the NBA professionals because the season ran in parallel in North America.
In August, there will be another qualifier for the tournament in Cologne and Berlin this year in Cologne and Berlin, which will be held in Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines in 2023.

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