FC Bayern | Lahm warns: dominance can become a problem

According to ex-world champion Philipp Lahm, FC Bayern Munich could weaken the lack of competition in their own country in international comparison.

“Maybe this process is already underway,” wrote Lahm in a column for the newspaper “Time”. The 38-year-old referred to the respective performance of Bayern in the Champions League in the past twelve years.

“From 2010 to 2016 he reached the semi-finals six times in seven attempts and three times the final. From 2017 to 2022, on the other hand, he only made it two of six times below the last four.” During this season, the Munich team had left the semi -finals for the second time in a row.

In the Bundesliga, the Munich team celebrated the tenth title in series. “Such statistics are otherwise only known from a discount riga, Dinamo Zagreb, Rosenborg Trondheim or Dynamo Berlin from the GDR league,” warned Lahm.

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This also makes the situation for FC Bayern comfortable. “Because national competition has not grown to international competition, he benefits from economic growth in top European football like no other in Germany,” said paralyzed. “Around players he wants, hardly any other offers with.

With a modern stadium, a great city and many fans, FC Bayern “has everything that helps with success”. Actually there are enough locations in Germany with similar potential.

“But HSV borrowed money from the fans, rose like Schalke, Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne. Dortmund almost broke two decades ago, hung on the drip of Bayern Munich.”

And so the Bundesliga, the world’s second -financial league, has been waiting for a European Cup than Bavaria to win a European Cup since 1997.

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