Lol – Solq Challenge: The most used champions by the pros of to raise rank like the foam

The Solq Challenge is about to meet a week and the positions are increasingly established in the favorite competitors to win the tournament organized by League of Legends Spain with Elmiillor. Javier, Ekkotheneko, and Elyoya lead the list of players who have achieved more points in lonely qualifiers with quite dominant games for them with champions that can win the game alone.

That is why, through this article, we have collected which champions of each lane are the favorites of the most experienced players to win LPS . We remember that it is a totally objective list and we rely on the data of the tournament participants, so it is a compilation of champions that in good hands are very strong or that in the goal they are unbeatable.

Jax and Gnar dominate the upper lane

In the upper lane we can see a lot of variety Among all the participants of Elo Alto, such as Viego, Darius or even ornn. But it is true that there are two champions that stand out above all: Jax and Gnar . On the one hand we have the Master of Weapons, who has been a great companion for Werlyb with up to 83% of Winrato with him, but Send0o has also been very much during the tournament.

In turn, the lost link is a true beast when he becomes and Antonio has managed to get the most out of the competition. And it is that using this toplaner in an effective way makes it a splendid champion to Spanish Toplaner.

Diana is the queen of the jungle

The role of the jungle is, next to the central lane, the most clear in terms of champion pool: Diana is the queen in this position and the results reflect how strong the champion is currently. The main attraction of her among the players of Elo so high is hers powefarming of her, since she she cleaned the jungle quite quick thanks to her skills kit and her passive to harm the area after The third basic attack. The set of objects is easy to obtain and just being attentive to the objectives you will be able to burst all the games.

Even so, if Diana was eliminated, Another of the great options in the jungle is to volibate . A monster in the early game, most jungles prefer it on top of Lee without because if you stay behind at the beginning of the game, you will be a tank and you can do ENGAGE to the enemy team.

Ahri, the most used champion of Soloq Challenge in High Elo

The Midlane has been the one that the players have least had when wanting to climb elo as the foam. Ahri is possibly the strongest and most dominant champion of the entire game after the changes and the Minirework that she received at the beginning of the season caused that it pick or ban in Soloq and the competitive circuit. Javier, current leader of Solq Challenge and one of the favorites to win the competition, has 84% Winrato with the champion with the 19 games he has played with her.

Among other options that have been seen when the feline has not been available, we have been able to find characters similar to it: VEX and LEBLANC are the main alternatives of Elo Alto players to be able to burst the qualifiers and get LPS as crazy.

Ezreal and Xayah, a champion above average

When talking about shooters we can see that there is a lot of variety, although it is true that there are two champions that for one reason or another are quite good for lows right now. On the one hand we have Xayah , a champion who until not long ago was not very strong but with the build of lethality in which the eclipse and the Muramana are the focus of damage of the champion has caused to be very dominant in low elo.

Ezreal , however, is a classic among classics for high -level shooters who want to burst the European _ladder and quickly rise from divisions. It doesn’t matter the build, if you quickly get ahead with the champion, you will be a real beast when you reach the third object and you can ONESHOTEO to the enemy ADC of a combo.

Support, a role full of variety

The most varied position of the tournament, the supports of Elo Alto who have been playing the Solq Challenge have chosen very varied champions. But if we have to choose a character that has appeared more it would be Nami **, a champion who is currently quite strong thanks to the peel and usefulness of her at almost any time in the game. That is why Carmen Sandwich, OTP of this champion, comes as a ring to her finger.

Even so, the number of champions is quite wide and we have not been able to choose a support that has been the first option for all of them.
The new build of Senna has aroused passions in Skain and Mara, while Karma, Leona or Nautilus They are very strong champions for Aesenen or Duall.

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We will have to see how the tournament evolves, but we are sure that the best competitors will have a primary champion when they reach the highest divisions of the European ladder.

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