To annoy fans: Konami is increasingly relating to real money at Dreamteam

The Japanese developer studio Konami initiated the first real steps after the season update to iron out the messed up start of your football game EFOOTBALL. Before the release, the MYCLUB mode known from the predecessor PES was renamed and redesigned. Dream team now works as the basis for eSporters and everyone who still wants to become – and comes with a change that forces the players to checkout.

Konami ensures more real money use

Because in Dreamteam a team of footballers around the world has to be put together. As in FIFA, there are standard variants of the maps and special cards with upgrades. They are in packs that can be bought with coins, i.e. the in-game currency. If players were able to earn them in Myclub, for example, by participating in events, this function in Dreamteam was removed without further ado.

Events now only deliver the standard currency as a profit, with which only the standard variants of the season updates can be obliged. So if you want to continue improving your team, you will be forced to invest real money.

This development causes resentment at the community. In the Reddit Forum to the game, a contribution quickly made the round that complains that the economy is changed. “They are very good at fortress their fan base,” comments one user.

Another fan makes up the comparison with EA competitive product FIFA Ultimate Team, which has been accompanied by “Pay-to-win” discussions for years: “Somehow Konami from ‘super-large-winged compared to FIFA’ has developed into a complete stingies. “

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But the “pay-to-win” debate does not remain alone, because: the procedure is reminiscent of the dark side of “free-to-play” games. The basic game is available free of charge – but offers loyal fans of the series no added value if the most popular mode continues to pay towards “paying fun”.

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