All locations of Mokoko seeds in the “thoughts of Nicheltalop” in the “lost ark”

The wet seeds are the most common object of collecting in the “Lost Ark”, but it is difficult to find them. Seeds resemble small fruits and have green. When the seeds are detected, wet glow. There are only four seeds of Mokoko, which must be sought and collected for thoughts of themeeltalops in sea of proony . All Mokoko Seed locations are shown below.

Где найти все семена мококо в корпорации Tooki в Море Проциона

Use the map higher to find all Mokoko seeds on the island. On the eastern side of the island in red circle which you only need to choose.

Mokoko seed on the south side of the island does not have a jump icon. You must reach Blue Triangle to see the jump icon. Mokoko seed in the far north of the island is the same problem. To see the jump icon, go to green triangle .

Mokoko Sid, located in the northwest of the island, is not available on foot. To get to this Mokoko seed, climb the stairs next to yellow triangle .

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