Diablo Emodat, June 3 Domestic release. Mobile and PC

Blizzard Entertainment is the first Blizzard game, which is designed for mobile for mobile, from the early stage of the 25th, “Diablo Immortal), which is the first Blizzard game, which is on June 3, I said it was called fighting. In some Asia-Pacific regions, it will be released several weeks later.

PC Client and Release Date! - Diablo Immortal

Diablo Franchise, the most ambitious in history, is the most ambitious in history. Windows PC Open Beta is also available with mobile formal launch. Diablo Immortal supports both crossplay and progress sharing between each platform, and the heroes of the sanctuary can be combined with players around the world regardless of the platform by smoothly crossing the PC and mobile devices. PC Open Beta includes all game functions, including crossplay and progress sharing, and all gameplay progresses are maintained even after the beta ends.

Mike Ivara Blizzard Entertainment is a president of the Diablo Games of Blizzard, “he said,” I will be able to kill the devils of the burning hell in the most extensive Diabloi Monto, “Bleejad,” said the Diablo Emorte, “said the Diablo Emorte,” said the Diablo Emorte, “said Mike Ivara Blizzard, said,” As a result, It was important to provide a work that appreciates a fame. We are pleased to have a lot of feedback, and finally, we are finally glad to be able to show their fruits to players. I look forward to seeing you in the sanctuary. “

Players who have the fate of the sanctuary select one of the six occupations, such as Diablo’s symbols, one of the barbarians, temples, demon hunters, monks, necromons, and wizards, exploring the suspension of the eight regions and western cities. do. Players experience a completely new story set in the era between Diablo II and Diablo III, and the devils of the burning hell meet the evil purpose of the familiar or first -time Diablo characters such as Deckerd Kane, the franchise of the franchise, and to achieve evil purposes. You should find it so that you do not get the world stones.

MMOARPG (large multi -user online action role -playing game) Diablo Immortal also provides social experiences that were not found in the existing series. The player can explore the sanctuary, share the vast world with other players, challenge up to eight combat units to challenge the hell hobby raid head, and join the clan of up to 150 people to challenge various clan achievements.

It also supports a solid PVP system based on the camp. Players join forces together in the bridle of struggle to join the battle, and the top server players acquire the crown of eternity and become the leader of immortal ends. Afterwards, through various modes, including a fierce one -to -30 confrontation, we must constantly fight against the opponent’s camp and protect our power.

Diablo Immortal is a partial monetization game that can be enjoyed for free, and anyone can always enjoy the core game experience for free. Diablo Immortal, jointly developed by Blizzard Entertainment and NETEASE, will be presented with iOS®, Android®, and Windows® PCs (Battle.net®) at the time of launch. Over more than 30 million players have completed their pre -registration through all platforms and are ready to participate in the battle with the release of the game. In commemoration of this grand prior registrant’s target, all players are given a set of Horadrim to all players. This is just the beginning, and free contents such as new areas, dungeons, and character jobs will be steadily added over the next few years.

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