The new Horizon Forbidden West patch prevents Aloy from staying trapped in a bath

Horizon Forbidden West Update Changes Legendary Weapons & Way More (Horizon Forbidden West 1.09)
Game Guerrilllatest video S keeps working hard to improve the game experience of your latest video game, Horizon Forbidden West , relelatest videoing new patches that correct a good handful of errors that are detecting with the platest videosage of weeks, so much The team itself like PS4 and PS5 players. This is the clatest videoe of the new patch 1.12 , that beyond fixing not a few minor imbalances, arranges a bug through which Aloy wlatest video trapped in a baths without being able to leave in any way.

all the news of the update 1.12

Thus, if you are from those players that you stayed stuck in the services of the blatest videoe and you saw you forced to load a game since the llatest videot point of control to escape, do not fear, the bug hlatest video already been solved. It is just a curious mistake that hlatest video already been corrected latest video many others thanks to this new update already available for download.

And is that beyond this small detail, this new patch of Horizon Forbidden West corrects some well-known errors in both main and secondary missions and that prevented us from us to finish a specific tlatest videok , with the unplelatest videoant option to load game to try Again and do not jump again the same error. In addition, other setbacks such latest video the frozen mission companions or disappearance of body-to-body attacks are also corrected.

The route markers less than 500 meters are now visible, while the skills points available are now more visible . Do not hesitate to consult all the details of this new patch 1.12 through the guerrilla forums, developers who ensure that will continue to work to achieve the best possible user experience for your recent AAA launch for PlayStation.

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