Overwatch League partially delays the start of the season

It is assumed that the Overwatch League parties that will be played in 2022 will begin on May 5, but not all will be carried out at the scheduled schedules originally. The organizers of the Overwatch League announced this week that the Games of the Region East will be delayed two weeks due to situations by Covid-19. Other announced changes have made these games now play for two weeks, according to the head of the Overwatch League, Sean Miller.

The last thing about the State of the Overwatch League was shared in a video with Miller in which he spoke about the delay of the East parties. Kickoff Clash games will now be held in June, Miller said, and East Kickoff Clash qualifiers will be held from May 20.

“We will delay the calendar this two weeks, until May 20,” Miller said. “Then, the 21 games will still be played, but for two weeks, and the Kickoff Clash tournaments of both regions will be held in June.”

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While this delay is disappointing for those who now will have to wait a little longer to see their favorite teams play, at least there are good news. The Western calendar is not affected by this change, so there will be a drought of Overwatch League for two weeks until the East begins its games. The list of schedules when all these games will be played in consequence and you can see here.

Even if you do not usually see ESPORT matches, the next season of the Overwatch League stands out for the fact that it will be played in the -Format in place of _Supervision. That means you will see professionals using different reapplies of heroes, some new functions and other changes implemented in the next Overwatch game.

Of course, Supervision, players and those who expect _vigilance 2 You do not have to wait until the professionals play to see more of that new game. The first public beta version of the game is only a few days away and is scheduled to start April 26. Sojourn, the newest hero that will be revealed, will be part of the beta version, so wait for people to fight to play like her and the other reworked heroes.

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