Neverwinter: Dragonslayer

With Dragonslayer, the online role-game Neverwinter receives a new extension that will appear in June 2022 for Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

For the announcement trailer, which you find below, first details were revealed for action.

Accordingly, players are pierced dragons that fall on the residents Faerûns.

Players can look forward to a dragon-hunting system with new battles, challenges and rewards.

In addition, the mother’s mother returns to the updated Temple of Tiamat’s check and asks everything that she knew about the victory against the five-member Dragon Goddess Tiamat.

“Thanks to the use of the brave heroes Neventerters, the dragon cult was distributed from the Dragonbone Valley and finally defeated Valindra Shadowmantle. Although Valindra could not complete the dandruff pestmythal, but her attempt unleashed along the sword coast of malignant energies and revealed the dragon’s view in countless dragons. “

Neverwinter: Dragonslayer Announce Trailer | D&D Direct

The Announcement Trailer:

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