Magic is Hogwat Bay? You can learn from college

There is no way to learn magic only 18 years old.

Seoga released the contents of the new lecture to be added to the University Management Simulation Tour Point Campus (TWO Point Campus). The main character is just the magical. Wizard Statue of magic and campus can learn real magic, not magic, not magic.

Students with the Magic Studies are wizards in the wizard cap and become a wizard through a variety of curriculum through a variety of curriculum, a magic and herbal medicine, magic soup, making magic beads, and magic beads. Of course, this is also one of the university curriculum as many as the tedious lectures of the professor.

Developer Tour Point Studio has introduced a management simulation to be a management simulation to run a management simulation to manage the Hospital in 2018, and has introduced a unique pleasure and a genuine production. The exaggerated behavior and humorous expression of characters were relieved of the weight of management simulation, and the game was achieved to receive positive evaluation.

However, the game was focused on hospital management itself rather than immersed in one characteristic character of the hospital. This is because patients were treated and left when leaving the hospital. The development of the developer wanted to provide a story that can be taken in the life of the characters and to provide the story of each other for a long time, and as a background of the university.

MIT Clean Start Simulation (how to play this game)
Meanwhile, the Studio Director Gary Kawa Mark Wbli said that the delightful directing of the previous work through the developer video, and he said he would put a lecture with a variety of departments and games in the reality in the reality. In addition to the lectures in reality, such as archaeological or prestigious arts, the school and the film are held in the game. It is also a lecture on this magic and a river that can be met.

The To-Point campus was originally launched, but the development of the development is that the development of the development is to postal a new quality on all platforms, as long as the game is simultaneously released on August 10 and entered the additional development work. The game is released through PC, PS, Xbox, Nintendo switch, etc., and you can enjoy free games through PC and Xbox from the day of the sale of Xbox Games Pass.

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