LOL: The Brain Galaxy play of a Criticated Streamer that demonstrates its true level

Thebausffs is one of the most hated streamers by the players of League of Legends who must suffer it in their games. A teammate who nobody wants to have and a rival to avoid at all costs that it has twisted strategies to put Riot Game systems in favor of it. He plays to win, of course, but not in the usual way. A situation that, on the other hand, has become one of the favorites of the community.

So you play the League of Legends of Thebausffs

The Streamer has always claimed that it is as valid as any other and has the support of Riot Games since he always tries to win . Also, seeing him playing can be a delight at the best moments of him. He takes many risks since he focuses 100% on the goals and has a single ingenuity that he has demonstrated with a fat brain play now that he tries to dominate the South Korea server.

The game was not in a good situation for the Thebausff team, which with its already classic Sion of lethality I was looking for risky movements that returned to the advantage. Pulling the most creative League of Legends, he almost gets him with the millenary technique of simulating that he is Afk or already gives the game for lost. Thus, he gets the enemy nautilus use the Q (dredging line) to dodge it with the flash and leave it at the Merced of the turret. An idea that ended well, but could have had an even better end.

Thebausffs may not be that elevated MMR player that we dream of seeing in the professional League of Legends, but the truth is that based on good plays and victories he has tried to dominate his own strategy. It is easy to point out that going up this is easier or has less merit. However, we still have not found anyone who can replicate him with the same efficiency .

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