It is reported that Fortnite adds Wu masks

It will be better if you protect your neck because it seems that Wu-Tang Clan soon goes to fortnite. Yes, the legendary rap group could soon join the extremely popular Game Battle Royale of Epic Games in the coming days. And although this crossover can sound as one of the most disconcerting in the story of fortnite would not be the first time that EPIC seeks to bring musicians to the game as playable characters.

Reports of the Incorporation of Wu-Tang Clan to fortnite began today when the Shiina informant declared on Twitter that “one of the most influential hip-hop groups of all time” would come to the game this week. Shiina did not say at that moment who could be this group, but it did not happen long to find out. After Shiina’s initial scoop, companion fortnite The informant Fercho revealed that Wu-Tang Clan is the group in question that will come to the game. Fercho claimed to have seen the masks of characters that will land at fortnite but did not share them for fear of getting legal problems.

As mentioned, fortnite has sought to collaborate with all kinds of musicians in the past, so the incorporation of Wu-Tang Clan into the game should not be so striking. In the past, the masks of previous characters who have been based on musicians include Travis Scott, Ariana Grande and Bruno Mars, among others.

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Wu-Tang Clan itself also has a history of being involved with videogames. In 1999, the group launched its own game with Midway titled wu-tang: Shaolin style. And in recent months, reports even suggested that Wu-Tang Clan could be working on a new role-playing game with Xbox. While it is not known that this is still true, it only shows that the group apparently would be very open to appear in fortnite.

If Wu-Tang Clan arrives at fortnite, are you going to look for the masks of your characters for you? Let me know in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

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