Netmarble Shrine Ok Tie, Acquired Safety and Health Management System Certification

[Kids News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Netmarble (Representative Kwon Young, Representative Dogo) has been announced on the 19th that the Safety Management System (ISO 45001) certified for the shrine tying (ISO 45001).

ISO Certification for Engineering Industry_ISO 9001|ISO 14001|ISO 45001 etc

The Safety and Health Management System is a comprehensive evaluation of safety and health, such as management systems such as international standardization (ISO) and international standards (ILO), It is assigned to the workplace that meets it.

The tack is a netmable and developer company, including a subsidiary Coway, a Korean Industrial Complex, a global incidental school, and a global business officer, such as a Coway Gallery, Industrial Museum, and a Netmarble Store, Convention, Hospital, Restaurant, Cafe, etc. It is a cultural complex facility.

Netmarble is a plan to continue to expand professional personnel and equipment that can be stable to provide a safe and convenient environment for employees and visitors working in a tie.

Meanwhile, netmarble shrine tying has obtained the highest rating of green construction certification by 2020, with green construction certification, and building energy efficiency levels in 2020.

In addition, netmarble is implementing a variety of activities such as professional social contribution activities, transparent and sound governance, and establishment of a professional social contribution activities, transparent and sound governance restructuring. I am going to strengthen ESG management, such as publication.

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