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Billions of money investments want Mitsubishi into new models, in electromobility and battery research. The clear goal is also to strengthen the locations in Europe and especially in Germany, as Germany managing director Werner H. Frey recently executed (a detailed interview read here). As part of an “inventory”, the existing series were now shown – the small car Space Star, the SUV-Coupé Eclipse Cross and the Pick-Up L200. In addition, a first view of the new ASX, which rolls into the Mitsubishi dealers in the spring of 2023.

New ASX in sight

New ASX: Mitsubishi does not show more. Manufacturer

The Japanese car maker will offer the compact SUV as a hybrid and as plug-in hybrid. Mitsubishi benefits from the cooperation with Renault-Nissan, sweizen is the ASX with Renault Captur and Nissan Juke. The Alliance has announced to introduce a total of 35 new electric models by 2030, some of which are also to come to Europe.

E-mobility not only plays a major role in the future. Mitsubishi has already trained the dealers in this area extensively. In addition, they should, above all, support their clientele in creating their own charging points. Customers of electric cars get an all-round package nationwide from the 400 traders nationwide, which extends from the applications for the e-installer to the finished wallbox. What is still counting are the delivery times. According to the Mitsubishi Manager, the Eclipse Cross plug-in is available at short notice, the same applies to Space Star and L200 – despite the current problems with the supply chains.

Part-time current: Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid Manufacturer

The delivery options also refer to a new model variant: At the Space Star, Mitsubishi now offers a special solution for delivery services. In no time, trunk and back seat can then be converted into a larger compartment similar to that of a mini-transporter. Without much effort, only a wooden plate is inserted.

small car for four-digit price

The Space Star is often bought as an entry-level car or second car. This is no wonder, because in a special series he costs only 9,490 euros, while even electric windows and a lot more on board. As extras, only the stepless automatic transmission for 1100 euros (otherwise there is a manual five-speed circuit) and the metallic paint for 550 euros in the price list. The inexpensive, only 3.85 meters short small cars is driven by an amazingly powerful 1,2-liter three-cylinder, which makes 52 kW / 71 hp. With him you can be quite fast in the city and in the countryside. Of course, the low weight of 940 kilos helps. It’s even fun to tease the riders of thick limousines at the traffic light start. And you can park the Mitsubishi Mini still in the smallest gap. The luggage compartment fit 235 liters, a maximum of it is 912 liters.

Already for less than 10,000 euros to have: Mitsubishi Space Star. Manufacturer

Just barely five liters on 100 kilometers of the City Flitzer on our trips, in city traffic, the value is favored by the start-stop automatic. Certainly, the Space Star is not only a favorite of women, although they are often seen at the wheel. After all, the small one of the manufacturer’s information in the past year has managed to be the best-selling Japanese car in the German market. Among the customers a lot of men should be.

Shows on request as a whole guy: Pick-up L200. Manufacturer

Although Mitsubishi operates with only three series – just the Space Star, the Eclipse Cross Plug-In-Hybrid and the L200 – the importer is well on the German market. For this purpose, the small Space Star contributes, and the Eclipse Cross ranks for manufacturer information among the five best-selling plug-in hybrids in the countryside. The variant L200 in turn not only appeals to trade and traders, but is, thanks to four-wheel and robustness, in the off-road clientele quite fundamentally popular.

comeback for the colt

I commissioned a full restoration of my mitsubishi ECLIPSE, here's what came out of it.
In addition to the new ASX, Mitsubishi brings in the second half of 2023 a classic car in the so-called B segment on the market, in which, for example, the VW Polo dreams, also a hybrid version is advised. The little compact gets the traditional name Colt, the platform he shares with the Renault Clio. From the two new additions Manager Frey hopes for a significant growth of the Mitsubishi brand, he pages a sales of nearly 40,000 units per year. With regard to short transport routes strategically good: The new models are to be built in Europe – the ASX in the Spanish Renault plant Valladolid and the Colt in Turkish Bursa.

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