“GTA V” report that the “transgender disgust” element disappeared in the next generation machine version. Is it the request sent last year to the background?

“GRAND THEFT AUTO V (hereinafter referred to as GTAV)” and “GTA ONLINE” in the next generation of the original version of the original version are attracting attention. Transgender Aerobic NPC and in-game objects are found to be deleted. Overseas Media THE GAMER and VGC are communicated.

“GTAV” works with RockStar Games and released in 2013. It is a work that is drawn by a mountain valley with a mountain valley by three men. The online game “GTA ONLINE” is also included in this work, and here the player can spend time in the city of Loss Santos online. Both works are long-six popular works, and in March of March 2022, the next-generation model for PS5 / Xbox Series X | S released. It incorporates performance and graphics improvement.

However, the user is currently discovering and reporting a certain change in the next generation of changes, and attracts attention. Specifically, the content of “transvenerbic” is disappeared from some communities. MTF (Speaking of plain, the body is allocated male sex, but it is subject to the content of the content of the transgender of the sex permit. First of all, on April 6, the user Jay Prospital is reported that the user Jay Prospital has lost the figure of the in-game object. In the next-generation machine version, we posted that “Interstellar Transgender” figures that were in the PS4 version have disappeared. Also, the object also contains a joke that “genitals can be replaced”.

【UPDATE 2022/04/18 14:12】
At the first version of the article, we used FTM for MTF. Correct and apologize.

Subsequently, on April 8, users Kirsty Cloud communicated for other changes. Cloud is a “GTA” series related community administrator. According to his tweets, it is also possible to erase the figure of the woman-dressed NPC seen in the nightclub “Cockatoos” in the game. Although it is still possible to call a woman-dressed NPC in the director mode, it is a situation that has been deleted for conversations.

The possibility of affecting these modifications is a rich, but it is a disclosed in RockStar Games. LGBTQ + Community OUT MAKING GAMES by the UK’s Games Industrial Workers sent a public letter for RockStar Games last September. We have requested to eliminate transgender disgusted elements from the next generation of this work. In the same public, it is intentionally claimed that the transgender’s harmful stereotype is presented in the “GTAV” work, and the player is claimed to be drawn that the player has a disability. Among them, there were also references to characters found as the NPC described above. Under these opinions, RockStar Games may also have the next generation of operations.

For a series of modifications, pros and cons of pros and cons on the SNS such as the above-mentioned tweets. First of all, as a negative opinion, there are many voices that the “GTA” series is interesting because all existence is a material. It is a style of the game that exposes equally and ruditionally, regardless of race or gender, so it is an opinion that only the transgender is treated. On the other hand, consideration of stereotypic representations in the game is also attracted to you. This voice says that the transgender is exposed to many discrimination in the actual reality. In such circumstances, it seems that the removal of stereotypic expressions that can not promote discrimination is not to match.

“GTAV” is 2013 and a slightly old work, and is also known for the intimidation of content through the series. Going forward, there will be such a possibility that these points will be issued. RockStar Games will be a radical experience how to balance and balance the current ethical view in the future?

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